Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Senator Deeds' Tragedy -- Who is to Blame?

We have bent over too much in the name of civil liberties and forgotten the compassion needed to help the sickest individuals among us! 

Rep. Murphy: Federal, state, and local governments share blame for Virginia stabbing

(CNN) - Virginia state Sen. Creigh Deeds was stabbed repeatedly by his son who later killed himself.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper, citing a mental health official, reported Tuesday that the younger Deeds had been given a mental health evaluation under an emergency custody order Monday.
"We have a long list of blame here, and it goes to the federal, the state, the local level," said Republican Congressman Tim Murphy, who is a former psychologist.

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Creigh Deeds’ son had mental-health evaluation Monday - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Government And Politics

"IT IS TIME and it's been time to stop discussing these issues! Too few psych beds and underutilized inpatient and outpatient treatment laws -- all result in "too many preventable tragedies"! GG Burns, advocate and Mother