Friday, November 5, 2010

Grandmother To Be Sentenced For Duct-Taping Grandson | | Lexington, Kentucky

Grandmother To Be Sentenced For Duct-Taping Grandson | | Lexington, Kentucky

I read of sad cases like this of abuse, neglect, violence or even murder every day in Kentucky. I assume many of these cases are related to lack of mental health diagnoses or lack of services/treatment. I wonder if this "grandmother" had wrap around services for her grandson, if she would now be going to prison? I wonder "if" her grandson has any services?

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  1. This is outrageous. Society is so quick to blame the grandmother but where was the support for her ? Where was the medical/psychiatric care for a grandson who was clearly out of control and in desperate need of more extensive services? The whole family needed HELP.

    We know what is behind the scenes. The multiple calls for help. No help comes. At least no meaningful sustained help. It is left to a grandmother to do a job that really can only be done in a hospital or residential treatment center with a staff of workers in a structured environment, OR with a team of in-home help with wrap-around services.

    This poor woman was damned if she did and damned if she didn't because if she had allowed him to come to harm (taking meds out - was he suicidal?) she would have been sentenced with abuse and neglect. It is US--society who should be collectively sentenced to abuse and neglect many times over because THIS is what we are doing many times over as similar scenes are being played out all over the country.

    And what is really sad is that early comprehensive, collaborative, integrated MEDICAL care may have prevented all of this.