Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ohio Sheriff closes jail to violent mentally ill to send a message of 'more treatment/less jails'

Bravo to an Ohio Sheriff willing to take a stand to make changes in the system.
Read this article about a law enforcement champion in our neighboring state.  I support Sheriff Alexander's decisions 100%.  Only problem: many states are closing their state funded mental hospitals!  If more county jails refused to allow people with severe mental illness to be 'housed inhumanely' and our state hospitals close ... will society finally be forced to take care of our most vulnerable with assisted outpatient treatment? Will we finally see the 'change' needed?  GG Burns, KY Mental Health Advocate

Read the entire article by: Rick Armon of The Akron Beacon Journal 

jail13cutSheriff closes jail to violent mentally ill - Local - Ohio
"Sheriff Drew Alexander has long complained that housing the mentally ill and disabled in jail is inhumane, and they belong in a mental hospital where they can be better treated."

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