Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TAC speaks out of HUD's response about the homeless.

An interesting exchange took place on The Daily Show when comedian Jon Stewart interviewed with Shaun Donovan, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) about homelessness.
"Between shelters, emergency rooms and jails, he told Stewart, it costs “about $40,000 in "tax payers dollars" a year to have a homeless person on the streets.” 
for more info read the articles here:

I might add, it cost KY's tax payers around $30,000 a year to house these same individuals, (often suffering with untreated mental illness) in our jails or prisons.  It cost about $700 a day for these individuals to be in a state mental hospital.  KY's mental health budget hasn't increased in 14 years ~ so what is more humane? Would it be smarter to use these funds to help these individuals regain their life by treating their illness instead? Talk to your legislator about this and you'll be quick to learn that most are clueless of how these dollars are being spent or shall I say 'wasted'.  

I encourage you to re-post or at least think of this article the next time you think a homeless person isn't costing us money.  

Remember this article when you vote! GG  Burns, KY Mental Health Advocate

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