Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stop Listening to Excuses! ‘Unabomber’s brother on violence and treating mental health

” David Kaczynsk, brother of Ted known as the Unabomber states: "What we need is to embark on a conversation that doesn't immediately default to ideology, but rather one that takes serious measure of the human costs of untreated mental illness."
What advocates and local/state leaders must learn to do is: learn to work together. Anytime we ask, "Why can't we work on policies and programs that would provide better mental health screening and easier to access out-patient treatment", we are told: "We don't have enough funding for that!"
"It is time communities across the US stop listening to excuses as to why the federal government will not fund or support it and figure out ways to protect our most vulnerable." GG Burns, KY Mental Health Advocate
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