Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Tipping Point for Mental Illness -- in a Mother's Voice

The tipping point for mental illness

Article Tab: Mary Palafox holds bags of anti-psychotic drugs that were unsuccessfully prescribed for her schizophrenic son before eventually finding the right ones to treat his condition. Palafox, of unincorporated north Tustin, struggled to get involuntary treatment for her son before his 2009 arrest for brandishing a gun at police officers."What happened to my son was predictable and preventable," she said. "I've always said a mother's love is going to change this. I have prayed all the time that goodness would come out of my son's story."

"If my son had autism I could advocate for him and get services," said Palafox, a nurse. "If my mother had Alzheimer's I could advocate and get services for her. I had to wait for him to deteriorate to the point that I could legally take his rights away in conservatorship and that occurred only after the charges." - Mary Palafox

Mary is a fellow "mom advocate" in California.  Read her entire story here: The tipping point for mental illness

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It's time to change Tennessee's mental health laws!

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