Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Suffering abuse by your own family member with untreated mental illness?!

When the Caregiver is Being Abused by the Person Who They Care For! by Deborah Fabos
For us, who have endured verbal abuse, cruel manipulations, and even physical abuse from a loved one who we are caring for, we face a very difficult challenge as there isn’t much assistance for us to start with! Let alone assistance with an abusive loved one! We have to ask ourselves these difficult questions, “Should I put up with this abuse? Should this be tolerated due to our loved ones condition or not? If not, what are our options? 

Calling the police isn’t always the best choice, so what CAN we do?” 

Treatment Advocacy Center’s ‘Catalyst’ proposes that Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) laws are the answer as when this behavior occurs it is usually from untreated or treatment resistant severe brain disorders (severe mental illness) and with proper treatment, the issue will be resolved. 

While I strongly support the implementation of AOTs, and agree that this is the over all solution to the disturbing and disruptive behaviors from the symptoms of severe brain disorders, this doesn’t offer help for those who need it NOW. It is still a worthy cause and one that I personally feel we need to continue to lobby for until every state has full implementation. ‘Hope for overwhelmed family caregivers Assisted outpatient treatment significantly reduces caregiver strain’ by TAC Executive Director Mary T. Zdanowicz, Esq. 

But what can we do NOW? How can we protect ourselves and still provide the needed care for our loved ones? Read more here:
I didn't write this, but it is what I deal with everyday. Thank you  for your efforts and for blogging to help families work toward common goals to improve policies and attitudes! 

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