Sunday, January 4, 2015

Behind the Gates of Gomorrah: An Insane Situation - interview by Julia Robb

A new book was recently published by Dr. Stephen Seager. Below are a few of my favorite quotes from an interview with Julia Robb.
"Here’s some figures: 1% of the population everywhere on earth is schizophrenic so in the US that’s 3.25 million people of which maybe 1 million or so are paranoid.
There are 50,000 state hospital beds nationally.
The real question is why aren’t they in mandatory out patient treatment?
When I said that people don’t care about the mentally ill, I wasn’t kidding. The reason foreign doctors are over represented at state mental hospitals is because most American doctors won’t do it. It’s the same reason inner city clinics are populated by international physicians as well.
 Americans don’t care about the mentally ill, so we have out-sourced their care."

Read the entire interview here:

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